Understanding HDL Language [Verilog]

Sometime last year, I decided to learn Verilog, which is a Hardware Description Language [HDL], since I wanted to dive deeper into the world of embedded development. A hardware description language is used in electronic hardware simulations and for programming CPLDs [Complex Programmable Logic Device] and FPGAs [Field Programmable Gate Arrays], which are, essentially, just slabs of silicon that have…

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How to block or reject phone numbers in Twilio and OpenVBX

There seems to be a lot of people, like myself, who wish to block/reject certain phone numbers, such as telemarketers in OpenVBX, but OpenVBX doesn’t currently come with such functionality. Today, while thinking deeply about how one might accomplish this without modifying the OpenVBX code, I came up with a rudimentary solution to the problem: a plugin.